Consultancy and Paperwork/Permits to allow you the best options in your Real Estate dealings, providing judicial certainty and legal tranquility in the moment that you decide to buy, sell, or rent property.


- Closing Services

- Bank Trusts for restricted zones.

- Bank Trusts with mortgage guaranty.

- Buying/selling

- Renting/Leasing

-Subdividing/Condominium Rules and/or Bylaws

- Minutes of Condominium Owners`Meetings

The best way to come to a different country is the legal way. We can help newcomers start from step  1, or if you are already hear but have the need to regularize or change your immigration status the new Immigration Laws provides mechanisms for all scenarios.


- Temporary Residency of Permanent Residency  based on family ties or changing existing status

- Entrance and Exit Permits, if you need to leave the country while your case is pending

- Work Permits

- Change in personal data reporting (change of address, marital status, employment)

- Naturalization/Mexican Citizenship for foreigners

- American and Canadian Visa Applications

- Travel Permits for minors

We provide security and tranquility in your interpersonal relations.  To realize and satisfy by legal means your day to day needs, a binding contract is your best tool.


-  Buying-Selling of developed and/or undeveloped property

- Renting and Leasing

- Preparatorios (Donación, Compra-Venta, Cesión de Derechos)

- Ownership Transfer

- Asociación en Participación

- Loan or cession of right of use

- Professional Services Contracting